Who is Killian Flint?

Killian Flint was a modest farmer in the Great Depression Era. In 1928, he moved to rural Hilliard, Ohio with his fiancée, Karen, in order to escape the poverty stricken city of Columbus. They purchased a small two-floored house, that has since been boarded up and abandoned. Today you can drive past this house on Alton-Darby Road. 

The Secret of the 13 Families.

In the area were 13 other farming families that greeted Killian and Karen  to town. But, despite the friendly greeting from the other familes, Killian and Karen soon discovered that these families weren't just farmers. They had other means of income, since the stock market crash. 

The conflict started a few days after moving in, when Karen and Killian were outside preparing the fields for their first crop. Killian was at one side of the field cutting the tallgrass, and Karen was at the other, using a pitchfork to clear the bails of cut grass. Karen, however, got a little too close to the neighbor's field and discovered what was being planted: poppies. Not pretty poppy flowers or poppy seeds one puts on a bagel, it was an opium farm. She told Killian that night. And the next day, they went around to the other 12 farmers plantations, with the intent to tell them what they had found, but discovered that all of the farmers were also growing poppies in their fields . Now, at that time, it was hard to make money as a farmer, so Killian and Karen understood why all of the farmers would do it. But, they felt obligated to tell someone that the other farmers were growing drugs, or be mistake for members of the cartel. Little did they realize that the farmers were watching them, and knew that something had to be done to prevent Killian and Karen from revealing the farmers' poppy seed growth.

Karen's Fate.

The night after discovering the poppy fields, Killian and Karen's home was raided by agents of the 13 families, who attacked the soon-to-be-wed couple. No matter how hard they fought, the strength of the farmers was too great. Karen was restrained. Killian protested and tried to reason with them, but it was futile. They exicuted Karen right in front of Killian. The farmers left the home with a threat to his own life, if Killian went to the police. Killian wept, and caressed the body of his beloved. 

Killian's Retaliation 

Killian didn't sleep that night. He couldn't hanlde the death of his innocent fiance, so out of blind rage and hysteria, he cut off his finger that held the engagement ring. All Killian knew now was vengance. So that same night, Killian went into his barn and cut both his scythe and Karen's pitchfork in half. He then nailed both tools together and named his new weapon, Karen, as a constant reminder of what they did to her. With his new weapon, Killian went to each of the 13 families and slaughtered each and every one of them. However, Killian could not finish off the thirteenth family; that family drove the now wounded and exausted Killian into a corn field, where he disappeared into the night. 

The Cover Up 

The 13th familiy was unable to locate his body, but they were sure he was dead. They lied to police, and said that they heard a commotion at Killian and Karen's House. They said that Killian went crazy, and killed Karen. They said he went on a murder spree. The 13th family wasn't convicted of any crimes and were seen as innocent bistanders by the small railroad-switch community. The newspapers ran headlines calling Killian, "Bloody Flint," and the story eventually faded into legend. Today, the barns and homes of the 12 dead families are also abandoned. To this day, they still stand. Crumbling away with time, never beeing touched by anyone, they are the tombstones of the 12 families who didn't survive. 

Who is the Last Family?

The 13th family is what feeds Killian's thirst for revenge; until he discovers and kills the last family, he won't be satisfied. It is theorized that the day of Killian and Karen's engagement anniversary is when he returns to Hilliard, Ohio and seeks revenge, killing innocent people until he finishes off the descendents  of the 13th family. Any residents of Hilliard are in danger, never knowing when or where Bloody Flint will attack next.

Are You Makred by Bloody Flint?

There are ways to know when Bloody Flint is after you:

-Unknown bruises and cuts with no memory of how you got them

-Taking a picture in Hilliard, Ohio and seeing a hand in the background with the ring finger missing.

These signs indicate that you might be Bloody Flint's next victim. Most don't even know how to get rid of him and end up dead. The only way to get rid of him is to say this chant and throw poppy seeds over your shoulder:

" Killin' Killian marks with a bruise, now it is my life I'll loose. Spare my life, please oh please. Bloody Flint, I'm not 13."

A Final Warning...

If you are a resident of the Hilliard, Ohio area, we advise that you take precautions and memorize this chant to save your life and the life of your loved ones. Bloody Flint is out there...

Eye-witness sketch of Bloddy Flint's weapon:

Karen's pitchfork nailed to Killian's scythe.